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This feature offers timely executive summaries of the most relevant journals in cardiology. Through peer “Perspectives,” full bibliographical information and links to the original journal abstract, In the Journals are a step wider and deeper than journal reviews health care professionals may be accustomed.

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‘Running medicine’ improves health

November 13, 2019
“Running medicine” events that combined several types of exercise and community-building events improved participants’ physical and…
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Clinical depression confers elevated risk for abdominal aortic aneurysm

November 9, 2019
Patients aged 50 years or older with depression were found to have a significantly greater risk for abdominal aortic aneurysm than those without…
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Risk for endocarditis similar in TAVR, surgical AVR

November 6, 2019
The predictors, incidence or risk for prosthetic valve endocarditis were similar in patients with severe aortic stenosis regardless of whether they…
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Ticagrelor monotherapy similar to DAPT regimen 2 years after stenting

October 31, 2019
Confirming previously presented results, ticagrelor monotherapy after 1 month of dual antiplatelet therapy was similar to a standard DAPT regimen for…
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New-onset AF after TAVR confers greater mortality, comorbidity risk

October 28, 2019
Patients with new-onset atrial fibrillation after transcatheter aortic valve replacement experienced higher morbidity than those with preexisting or…
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Meta-analysis: Dual therapy yields less bleeding than triple therapy in AF, CAD

October 23, 2019
Dual antithrombotic therapy conferred less bleeding but similar rates of mortality, stroke, nonfatal MI and stent thrombosis compared with triple…
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‘Unexpected’: Physician burnout rate lower in rural areas

October 10, 2019
Family medicine doctors who practiced in rural areas were less likely to experience burnout than those who practiced in medium-sized and metropolitan…
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Another study finds no evidence of increased long-term mortality with paclitaxel-coated devices

October 9, 2019
Patients who underwent endovascular revascularization with a paclitaxel-based drug-eluting device did not have an increased mortality risk over an…
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Up to $935B wasted in health care spending annually

October 7, 2019
The estimated cost of waste in the United States health care system ranged from $760 billion to $935 billion annually, or about 25% of total health…
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General anesthesia confers less disability 3 months after thrombectomy for stroke vs. sedation

October 1, 2019
Protocol-based general anesthesia was linked to less disability at 3 months compared with procedural sedation among patients with acute ischemic…