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The Take Home: ISET

February 18, 2020
The International Symposium on Endovascular Therapy, held Jan. 22 to 25 in Hollywood, Florida, tackled many of the hottest topics in endovascular…
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VERNACULAR: Venous stent patency remains high at 2 years

February 10, 2020
Rates of patency and freedom from target lesion revascularization in patients receiving a venous stent were high at 2 years, according to new data…
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VIRTUS: Venous stent safe, effective at 24 months

February 9, 2020
Among patients with challenging venous lesions, a venous stent was associated with high rates of primary patency and freedom from major adverse…
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Meta-analysis of paclitaxel-coated balloons in CLI ‘should have no meaningful impact’

January 31, 2020
A recent meta-analysis detecting a signal of harm at 1 year in patients with below-the-knee lesions treated with paclitaxel-coated balloons is flawed…
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Speaker: Compensation should be based on value, not volume

January 30, 2020
Medicare fee-for-service payment cuts are hampering volume-based compensation for physicians, but the effects can be softened if a shift is made to…
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Real-world studies show no mortality signal related to paclitaxel-coated devices

January 29, 2020
Unlike with meta-analyses of randomized controlled trials, seven real-world studies of patients with peripheral artery disease have shown no…

LIBERTY 360°: Regardless of PAD severity, endovascular interventions helpful at 3 years

January 28, 2020
At 3 years, patients with various stages of peripheral artery disease who underwent endovascular interventions had high rates of freedom from adverse…
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Long-term mortality after CLI diagnosis high, urgent action needed

January 27, 2020
The 4-year mortality rate after a diagnosis of critical limb ischemia is more than 50%, comparable to the deadliest cancers, which demands a…
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FDA: Paclitaxel device use requires risk-benefit discussion with patients

January 24, 2020
Despite being associated with a long-term mortality signal, paclitaxel-coated devices are staying on the market because benefits outweigh risks for…
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Medical therapy beneficial in PAD, but underprescribed

January 23, 2020
There is now plentiful evidence that medical therapy benefits patients with peripheral artery disease, which is reflected in guidelines but not…

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