Special Education Books

Cases in Pediatric Occupational Therapy: Assessment and Intervention

Susan M Cahill, PhD OTR/L ; Patricia  Bowyer, EdD, OTR/L

Counseling in Communication Disorders: Facilitating the Therapeutic Relationship

Cyndi Stein-Rubin, MS CCC TSSLD-SLP CTA Certified Coach ; Beryl T Adler, MS CCC TSSH-SLP

Pediatric Stroke Rehabilitation: An Interprofessional and Collaborative Approach

Heather L Atkinson, PT DPT NCS ; Kim Nixon-Cave, PT PhD PCS ; Sabrina E Smith, MD PhD

Therapeutic Exercise for Children with Developmental Disabilities, Fourth Edition

Barbara H. Connolly, EdD, PT, FAPTA ; Patricia C. Montgomery, PhD, PT, FAPTA