Pocket Guide to Vitreoretinal Surgery

Jason N. Crosson, MD

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  • ISBN 10 1-63091-696-X
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  • 184 pp Soft Cover
  • Pub. Date: 2020
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Are you a medical student, resident, or fellow trying to absorb as much information on the basics of retina surgery as efficiently as possible? Are you a general ophthalmologist who needs a quick refresher on a complex procedure? Reach into your lab coat pocket and pull out The Pocket Guide to Vitreoretinal Surgery, for easy access to the essential information you need right now.

Dr. Jason N. Crosson and colleagues have designed this book as the ultimate quick-read manual on retina surgery, using a conversational tone that allows readers to retain information in the most effective manner. Medical students, residents, and fellows will be delighted to use this accessible, high-yield handbook during their rotations to familiarize themselves with the “nuts and bolts” of retina surgery, while general ophthalmologists will be glad to have it as a quick reference guide to current best practices. 

Each chapter in The Pocket Guide to Vitreoretinal Surgery is arranged in short, easy to read sections, and is accompanied by numerous color photographs to aid in recognition and retention.

Among the topics covered:

  • Preoperative preparations
  • Basics of vitrectomy
  • Retinal detachment surgery
  • Macular surgery (Peeling 101)
  • Diabetic vitrectomy
  • Vitrectomy for endophthalmitis
  • Intraocular lens cases
  • Ocular trauma

Eye care providers at all skill levels will benefit from the high-yield, quick-access information contained within The Pocket Guide to Vitreoretinal Surgery, whether they are preparing for their first surgeries or are longtime physicians. 


About the Author    
Contributing Authors    
Foreword by Gaurav Shah, MD    

Chapter 1    Setting Up for Vitrectomy: How to
Get Started    
    Preoperative Examination and Clearance    
    Positioning the Head    
    Betadine Prep    
    Lash Control    
    Lid Speculum Choice    
    Lubricating the Cornea    
    Microscope Workflow and Vitrectomy
    Machine Setup    
    The Basics of Putting in Trocars    
Chapter 2    Basic Vitrectomy Techniques: The Basics
That Apply to Every Retina Surgery    
    Core Vitrectomy    
    How to Move the Instruments Inside the Eye    
    Elevating the Posterior Hyaloid    
    Shaving the Peripheral Vitreous    
    Performing Fluid-Air Exchange    
    Removing Ports    
Chapter 3    Approach to Retinal Detachment Surgery    
    Primary Vitrectomy    
    Primary Buckles    
    Recurrent Retinal Detachments    
    Proliferative Vitreoretinopathy Detachments    
    Giant Retinal Tear Detachments    
Chapter 4    Peeling 101    
    Viewing Systems    
    When You Are First Starting    
    Different Approaches    
    Macular Holes    
    Macular Puckers    
    Final Peeling Pearls    
Chapter 5    Diabetic Vitrectomy    
    Diabetic Vitreous Hemorrhages    
    Tractional Retinal Detachments    
Chapter 6    Vitrectomy for Endophthalmitis    
    Case Selection    
    Getting a Pure Vitreous Sample    
    Anterior Chamber Washout    
    Basic Vitrectomy for Endophthalmitis    
Chapter 7    Approach to Intraocular Lens Cases    
    Dislocated Intraocular Lenses: Getting the
    Intraocular Lens Up and Out    
    Removing Dislocated Lens Particles    
    Secondary Intraocular Lenses    
Chapter 8    Ocular Trauma    
    Preoperative Evaluation of the Ocular
    Trauma Patient    
    Basics of Open Globe Repair    
    Intraocular Foreign Bodies    

Financial Disclosures    

Jason N. Crosson, MD is a practicing retina surgeon at Retina Consultants of Alabama, P.C. in Birmingham, Alabama. He is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Ophthalmology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine. Dr. Crosson did his ophthalmology residency in the United States Air Force at the San Antonio Uniformed Services Health Education Consortium and served as a general ophthalmologist for three years in the military. He completed his retina training at Retina Consultants of Alabama, P.C. and the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He is actively involved in training residents and fellows.

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