Video Course for Cataract Complications and Complicated Cases

David F Chang, MD

Video Course for Cataract Complications and Complicated Cases
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  • ISBN 10 1617118362
  • ISBN 13 978-1617118364
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  • Pub. Date: 2014
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A Video Course for Cataract Complications and Complicated Cases, a comprehensive video curriculum by Dr. David F. Chang, demonstrates a broad spectrum of surgical techniques for phaco complications and challenging cases.

Sixty-eight carefully edited and narrated videos are divided into 10 general subject areas:
• Anterior Capsule Challenges
• Small Pupils
• Rock Hard Nucleus
• White Mature Lens
• Posterior Polar Cataract & PC Rupture
• Posterior Capsule or Zonular Tear
• Phaco with Zonulopathy – Pseudoexfoliation
• Phaco with Zonulopathy – Other Causes
• Phaco with Zonulopathy – Trauma
• IOL Subluxation & Dislocation

This organization permits the ophthalmologist to either view them sequentially as an organized course, or to quickly locate and review several videos applicable to an upcoming challenging case. Unlike websites archiving surgical videos by multiple authors, Dr. Chang organizes and structures his collection so that the videos are complimentary and interrelated within a broad instructional context. Each case has been selected and narrated with the goal of illustrating a different point or approach.

This extensive video collection nicely complements Dr. Chang’s comprehensive text book: Phaco Chop and Advanced Phaco Techniques: Strategies for Complicated Cataracts, Second Edition. The textbook contains multiple chapters by Dr. Chang that describe these same strategies and their rationale in greater narrative detail and illustrates key points with multiple sequential images. The narrated videos then allow the ophthalmologist to repeatedly review and study these surgical maneuvers in real time.

A Video Course for Cataract Complications and Complicated Cases, a unique collection of narrated videos, provides a virtual surgical fellowship with one of the leading cataract surgeons and teachers in the world. It should advance the skills and expertise of all phaco surgeons, regardless of their experience.

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