Certified Ophthalmic Assistant Exam Review Manual, Third Edition

Janice K Ledford, COMT

  • $61.95
  • ISBN 10 1617110582
  • ISBN 13 978-1617110580
  • 360 pp Soft Cover
  • Pub. Date: 2013
  • Order# 60580

The best-selling exam preparation manual for more than 15 years has been extensively updated into a Third Edition. With revisions  and additional material that match the new JCAHPO® criteria for Certified Ophthalmic Assistants (COA®), this study resource will remain the top choice for those studying for certification. 

With nearly 1,400 questions, the Certified Ophthalmic Assistant Exam Review Manual, Third Edition contains more questions with explanatory answers than any other study aid.  Additionally, all 19 exam criteria headings are covered inside, including history taking, visual assessment, medical ethics, pharmacology, ophthalmic imaging, surgery, and more.


  • Study tips, hints, and test-taking strategies
  • Explanatory answers for every question
  • Updated to reflect new JCAHPO COA exam criteria

Certified Ophthalmic Assistant Exam Review Manual, Third Edition by Janice K. Ledford will be the most talked-about resource for those studying for the COA® exam, students in ophthalmic and optometric assisting programs, and those who wish to review before taking the COT® exam.

  • Dedication

  • Acknowledgements

  • About the Author

  • Introduction

  • Chapter 1: History Taking

  • Chapter 2: Pupillary Assessment

  • Chapter 3: Contact Lenses

  • Chapter 4: Equipment Maintenance and Repair

  • Chapter 5: Lensometry

  • Chapter 6: Keratometry

  • Chapter 7: Medical Ethics, Legal, and Regulatory Issues

  • Chapter 8: Microbiology

  • Chapter 9: Pharmacology

  • Chapter 10: Ocular Motility

  • Chapter 11: Assisting in Surgical Procedures

  • Chapter 12: Ophthalmic Patient Services and Education

  • Chapter 13: Ophthalmic Imaging

  • Chapter 14: Refractometry

  • Chapter 15: Spectacle Skills

  • Chapter 16: Supplemental Skills

  • Chapter 17: Tonometry

  • Chapter 18: Visual Assessment

  • Chapter 19: Visual Fields

  • Appendix A: Study and Test-Taking Strategies

  • Appendix B: Suggested Reading and Resources

  • Bibliography

1. The author’s preferred appellation is:
a) Janice
b) Jan
c) Your Majesty
d) Hey You

2. The author studied on her own for which of the following certification exams?
a) Assistant
b) Technician
c) Medical Technologist
d) all of the above

3. The author has been in the field of ophthalmology for ____ years.
a) 10
b) 20
c) 25
d) more than she cares to count

4. The author lives where and with whom/what?
a) Western North Carolina mountains with two cats
b) Middle Georgia with three guinea pigs
c) Western North Carolina mountains with her mom and a Labrador retriever
d) North Georgia mountains with Sean Connery

Explanatory Answers
1. b) While c may sound correct (and may actually be correct on certain days), the best answer is b.
2. d) Because Jan took all three of the exams via self-study (versus a formal program), she has a special place in her heart for others doing the same.
3. d) Jan started in the field in 1982, but says she’s still going strong and hopes to continue for another 17.5 years.
4. a) Jan lives in Franklin, North Carolina, with her two kitties, Angel and Nadia…but would trade them both for Sean
Connery. (Not really!) Mom lives right across the road. Her older son is in the Air Force National Guard in North Carolina, and her younger son is a computer program tester in Franklin. Her grandkids live in Middle Georgia.

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