Ocular Anatomy and Physiology, Second Edition

Al Lens, COMT ; Sheila Coyne Nemeth, COMT ; Janice K. Ledford, COMT

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  • ISBN 10 1-55642-792-1
  • ISBN 13 978-1-55642-792-3
  • 208 pp Soft Cover
  • Pub. Date: 2008
  • Order# 67921

Updated to include new material for beginners in ophthalmology and optometry, Ocular Anatomy and Physiology, Second Edition is an essential text that covers a range of fundamental information for students and clinicians.

With collaborations from Al Lens, Sheila Coyne Nemeth, and Janice K. Ledford, Ocular Anatomy and Physiology, Second Edition now begins with a jump-start chapter to overview the topic for those new to the field of eye care. Chapter two delves into embryology—a topic rarely covered—and addresses each structure of the eye, including the bony orbit, eyebrows, eye lids, lacrimal system, extraocular muscles, and the globe.

While the text continues to emphasize normal anatomy, each chapter contains a glossary of common disorders. Also included is a description of diagnostic methods for examining various tissues. The physiology of various structures and systems is explained, including the visual pathway, the inflammatory response, immunology, binocular vision, refractive errors, and accommodation. To enhance the reader’s understanding of each topic, illustrations are provided.

Features of the Second Edition:

  • New jump-start chapter for beginners
  • Details on diagnostic methods for each structure or segment, including optical coherence tomography and retinal thickness analysis
  • Glossary of common disorders at the end of each chapter

With new features and information, Ocular Anatomy and Physiology, Second Edition is a valuable text for ophthalmic and optometric assistants, training facilities, and practices, as well as beginners in the field of eye care, including sales representatives and pre-med students.

About the Authors
Contributing Authors

Chapter 1: Ocular Anatomy and Physiology Jump-Start
Al Lens, COMT
Chapter 2: Embryology and Eye Development
Tammy Langley, COT and Janice K. Ledford, COMT
Chapter 3: The Bony Orbit
Sheila Coyne Nemeth, COMT; Carolyn Shea, COMT; and Mark Schluter, MD
Chapter 4: Eyebrows, Eyelids, and the Lacrimal System
Tammy Langley, COT and Janice K. Ledford, COMT
Chapter 5: Extraocular Muscles and the Globe
Carolyn Shea, COMT; Sheila Coyne Nemeth, COMT; and Janice K. Ledford, COMT
Chapter 6: Conjunctiva, Episclera, and Sclera
Sheila Coyne Nemeth, COMT and Carolyn Shea, COMT
Chapter 7: The Cornea
Tammy Langley, COT and Janice K. Ledford, COMT
Chapter 8: Anterior and Posterior Chambers
Carolyn Shea, COMT; Sheila Coyne Nemeth, COMT; Mark DiSclafani, MD; and R. Rand Allingham, MD
Chapter 9: The Posterior Segment
Sheila Coyne Nemeth, COMT; Carolyn Shea, COMT; Mark DiSclafani, MD; and Mark Schluter, MD
Chapter 10: Visual Pathway
Al Lens, COMT
Chapter 11: Nerve Supply
Al Lens, COMT
Chapter 12: Vascular Supply and Lymphatics
Al Lens, COMT
Chapter 13: Inflammatory Response
Al Lens, COMT
Chapter 14: Binocular Vision<> Al Lens, COMT
Chapter 15: Physiologic Optics
Al Lens, COMT
Chapter 16: Refractive Errors and Conditions
Al Lens, COMT



Review from previous edition:

"...it serves as an outstanding introduction to ocular anatomy and physiology."

— Rochelle Caviness, Large Print Reviews

Al Lens, COMT, began his career in ophthalmology in 1986 at the Gimbel Eye Centre in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He developed a comprehensive training program to teach new ophthalmic assistants at the clinic where he worked. He then began lecturing at various conferences across North America and Saudi Arabia. His other published works include Ophthalmic Assisting Guide; Optics, Retinoscopy and Refractometry, Second Edition; LASIK for Technicians; and Cataract and Glaucoma for Eyecare Paraprofessionals. Currently, Al works at various clinics in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Sheila Coyne Nemeth, COMT, received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English literature from the University of New Hampshire and graduated from the Boston University Ophthalmic Technology program. Her career path has included working with Phoenix Indian Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona, and as a program director of ophthalmic technology at the Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, Virginia.

Currently, she resides in Corrales, New Mexico, where she has a consulting company called Eye of the Wolf LLC. She has been coauthor and researcher on multiple National Institute of Health research grants, with an interest in image processing analysis of retinal images. Her husband George and her two teenagers, Ben and Natalie, keep her quite active.

Janice K. Ledford, COMT, has become well known in ophthalmic assisting circles, especially among those studying for certification exams. Her many text books and articles continue to contribute to the field of eye care. In addition to writing, editing, and teaching, Jan works for Dr. Charles Kirby as well as the Veterans Administration Eye Clinic in Asheville, North Carolina. She lives in the mountains of North Carolina with her two cats. Next time you see her, she would love to tell you about her kids and grandkids.

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