Case Studies Through the Healthcare Continuum: A Workbook for the Occupational Therapy Student, Second Edition

Nancy  Lowenstein, MS OTR BCPR ; Patricia Halloran, MBA MA OTRL

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  • 184 pp Soft Cover
  • Pub. Date: 2015
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The extensively updated Second Edition of Case Studies Through the Health Care Continuum: A Workbook for the Occupational Therapy Student is a versatile resource that focuses on assisting students through the use of case studies. Through these 34 cases, students learn about the many possible choices in the clinical decision-making process, and how these different choices can lead to many equally successful outcomes.

Case Studies Through the Health Care Continuum, Second Edition by Nancy Lowenstein and Patricia Halloran encompasses new and revised case studies across the health care continuum, from early intervention to older adults. These cases involve situations that students might encounter during their interventions and require them to think about issues that might occur to disrupt their original intervention plan.

Inside Case Studies Through the Health Care Continuum, Second Edition, new questions on theory and evidence will allow students to think of theory-driven and evidence-based practice concepts, as well as search the literature to support their interventions. Care was also taken to avoid using a specific frame of reference or theoretical model to enable instructors to use various frames of reference and theories with different cases.

New to the Second Edition:
• Each case allows the student to consider the client’s occupations, performance patterns, performance skills, client factors, contexts, and environments
• Case studies are now formatted around an Occupational Profile and an Analysis of Occupation, adhering to the AOTA’s Occupational Therapy Practice Framework language
• Pediatric case studies
• Increased number of community case studies
• Case study on primary care, an emerging practice area in occupational therapy
• Case studies involving complex conditions, not just one condition

Case Studies Through the Health Care Continuum: A Workbook for the Occupational Therapy Student, Second Edition is a valuable learning tool for any occupational therapy or occupational therapy assistant student as it provides a way to put theories and clinical reasoning into practice through the use of case studies.



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Section I Acute Care Hospital
Chapter 1 Adam: Myocardial Infarction 
Chapter 2 Craig: Spinal Cord Injury, C-5
Chapter 3 Paul: Total Knee Replacement

Section II Transitional Care Unit
Chapter 4 Kim: Coronary Artery Bypass Graft and Congestive Heart Failure
Chapter 5 Lyle: Right Total Knee Replacement
Chapter 6 Mary: Left Total Hip Replacement, Osteoarthritis

Section III Rehabilitation Hospital
Chapter 7 Annette: Mechanical Ventilation and Tracheostomy
Kathryn Prizio, MS, OTR/L
Chapter 8 Frank: Right Cerebrovascular Accident, Left Hemiplegia, Left Neglect
Kathryn Prizio, MS, OTR/L
Chapter 9 Geri: Status Post Pneumonia
Kathryn Prizio, MS, OTR/L
Chapter 10 Harris: Spinal Cord Injury—T3 Incomplete
Chapter 11 Ingrid: Traumatic Brain Injury (Rancho Los Amigos Level V)

Section IV Skilled Nursing Facility
Chapter 12 Larry: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Kimberly Witkowski, MS, OTR/L
Chapter 13 Paula: Parkinson’s Disease
Chapter 14 Quinn: Dementia

Section V Outpatient Rehabilitation
Chapter 15 Ursula: Right Carpal Tunnel Repair, Left Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Chapter 16 Xavier: Bilateral Elbow Tendonitis
Chapter 17 Yolanda: Left Fractured Humerus

Section VI Home Care
Chapter 18 Alice: Multiple Sclerosis
Chapter 19 Barb: Left Cerebrovascular Accident, Right Hemiparesis, and Expressive Aphasia 
Chapter 20 Dmitri: Right Distal Radial and Ulnar Fracture

Section VII Inpatient Mental Health
Chapter 21 Elizabeth: Major Depressive Disorder With Suicide Attempt
Chapter 22 Fred: Schizophrenia, Paranoid With Acute Psychosis
Chapter 23 George: Bipolar Disorder
Chapter 24 Harold: Polysubstance Abuse 

Section VIII Community 
Chapter 25 Gina: Major Depressive Disorder and Alcohol Abuse
Susan Gelfman, MS, OTR/L
Chapter 26 Irene: Posttraumatic Stress Disorder 
Chapter 27 Leo: Schizoaffective Disorder
Chapter 28 Henry: Primary Care Health and Wellness Intervention

Section IX Early Intervention
Chapter 29 Joey: Early Intervention—Delayed Developmental Milestones
Debra G. Sharp, MEd
Chapter 30 Brynn: Preschool—Delayed Developmental Milestones
Debra G. Sharp, MEd

Section X School
Chapter 31 Maggie: Leukomalacia
Cathie Marqusee, MS, OTR/L
Chapter 32 Jane: Transition From Preschool to Kindergarten
Iris G. Leigh, CAGS, OTR/L

Section XI Specialty
Chapter 33 Gloria: Burns—Superficial, Partial, and Full-Thickness
Chapter 34 Violet: Right Flexor Tendon Laceration, Depression 

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“This is an invaluable revision of the 2000 edition that provides necessary updates to reflect the development of the Occupational Therapy Practice Framework, evidence-based practice, and recent changes in practice such as primary care. The sheer number of case scenarios makes this book different from all of the rest.” 
                        - Ashley Fecht, OTD, OTR/L, Touro University Nevada, Doody’s Book Review Service

Nancy A. Lowenstein, MS, OTR, BCPR, is a Clinical Associate Professor at Boston University College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College Occupational Therapy Entry-Level Master’s Program. She has been an occu- pational therapist since 1987, working in the area of adult physical rehabilitation, with a specialty in multiple sclerosis. Ms. Lowenstein is currently certified by the American Occupational Therapy Association in physical rehabilitation. She is the author of Fighting Fatigue in Multiple Sclerosis (2009). Ms. Lowenstein has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Washington University in St. Louis, a master of arts degree in art therapy from University of Louisville, and a master of science degree from Boston University.

Patricia Halloran, MBA, MA, OTR/L, is an educator and occupational therapist. She graduated from Quinnipiac College with a bachelor of science degree in occupational therapy and holds a master of arts in applied linguistics from University of Massachusetts Boston and a master of business administration from Anna Maria College. Ms. Halloran has worked as an occupational therapist and instructor in the areas of psychiatric and physical rehabilitation, com- munity health, and deaf education. She is currently working as a school-based occupational therapist and a special education teacher. 

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