Probiotics: A Clinical Guide

Martin H. Floch, MD; Adam S. Kim, MD

Chapter 17: Treatment Of Ulcerative Colitis (continued)

Karen Kroeker, MD, FRCP(C); Levinus A. Dieleman, MD, PhD

Ulcerative colitis (UC) is a chronic inflammatory disease that is limited to the large intestine. It was first described by Dr Samuel Wilks in 1859 as “idiopathic colitis.” Its diagnosis is distinct from CD in its distal distribution and continuous inflammation confined to the mucosa of the large intestine. Symptoms include rectal bleeding, diarrhea, urgency, incontinence, tenesmus, and abdominal pain. Complications include toxic megacolon, medication side effects, need for colectomy, and colorectal cancer. Histologically, it is characterized by crypt architectural distortion…