Curbside Consultation of the Pancreas: 49 Clinical Questions

Scott Tenner, MD, MPH; Alphonso Brown, MD, MS Clin Epi; Frank Gress, MD

Question 31: What Are The Risk Factors For The Development Of Pancreatic Cancer? (continued)

Nison Badalov, MD; Robin Baradarian, MD, FACG

In the United States, approximately 30,000 patients are diagnosed annually with pancreatic cancer. There is a wide international variation in the incidence of pancreatic cancer, with incidence ranging from 0.05% to 1%, with highest incidence being found in African-Americans and in the developed, industrialized countries. Although pancreatic cancer represents only 2% of all new cancer cases, it leads to 5% of all cancer deaths. Despite being a very rare type of cancer when compared to breast and colon cancers, pancreatic cancer ranks fourth as a cause of death from cancer. Most of the patients…