Ulcerative Colitis: The Complete Guide to Medical Management

Gary R. Lichtenstein, MD, FACP, FACG, AGAF

Chapter 37: Dietary Manipulations (continued)

Traci M. Temmen, MD; John L. Rombeau, MD

DIETARY MANIPULATIONS ORAL AND ENTERAL NUTRITIONAL THERAPY FOR ULCERATIVE COLITIS Malnutrition occurs frequently in patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Up to 85% of patients hospitalized with exacerbations of IBD have protein-energy malnutrition, while 25% to 50% of hospitalized patients with ulcerative colitis (UC) have hypoalbuminemia.1 Additionally, 18% to 62% UC patients have experienced significant weight loss.2 Several nutrient deficiencies are associated with adverse clinical outcomes, thus, extensive investigations are ongoing to identify, prevent, and correct these…