Complicated Cases in GI

Anthony Kalloo, MD; Jonathan M. Buscaglia, MD

Chapter 52: New-Onset Dysphagia and Electrolyte Disturbance (continued)

Michel Kafrouni, MD

A 70-year-old man was admitted from the gastroenterology clinic for evaluation of chronic weight loss, malnutrition, and progressive dysphagia for 1 year. He was recently admitted to a local hospital after sustaining a fall. Blood tests at that time showed profound electrolyte disturbances with severe hypokalemia (potassium level of 1.7 mEq/L) and hypomagnesemia (magnesium level 0.3 mg/dL). Since the time of that admission, the patient reported feeling weak and with loss of taste for food. Altogether, he had lost 40 lbs over the previous 12 months. He denied abdominal pain, nausea, or…