Johns Hopkins Manual for GI Endoscopic Nurses, Third Edition

Mouen Khashab, MD; Toshunia Robinson, MD; Anthony Kalloo, MD

Chapter 25: Endoscopic Pseudocyst Drainage (continued)

Vikesh K. Singh, MD, MSc

A pseudocyst is a collection of pancreatic fluid and small quantities of debris located within the pancreas or the peripancreatic tissues. It is distinguishable from a true pancreatic cyst because it is lined with granulation tissue as opposed to epithelial cells. Pseudocysts develop 4 to 6 weeks after an attack of acute pancreatitis when there is disruption of the pancreatic duct or its branches. Pseudocysts can also form in patients with chronic pancreatitis, trauma to the abdomen, or those who have undergone pancreatic surgery. Most pseudocysts spontaneously resolve and do not require…