Johns Hopkins Manual for GI Endoscopic Nurses, Third Edition

Mouen Khashab, MD; Toshunia Robinson, MD; Anthony Kalloo, MD

Chapter 15: Photodynamic Therapy (continued)

Marcia Irene Canto, MD, MHS

Photodynamic therapy (PDT) refers to the use of photosensitizing pure red laser light to treat premalignant and malignant conditions, including those of the GI tract. It requires the IV administration of a photosensitizing drug (most commonly used, porfimer sodium; Photofrin, Pinnacle Biologics) followed 40 to 50 hours later by the endoscopic application of low-level laser light to selectively destroy dysplastic tissue. A laser fiber inserted through the biopsy channel of the endoscope is positioned next to the target lesion or mucosa, or in the bile duct (for malignant strictures, such as…
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