Johns Hopkins Manual for GI Endoscopic Nurses, Third Edition

Mouen Khashab, MD; Toshunia Robinson, MD; Anthony Kalloo, MD

Chapter 32: Colonoscopy With Polypectomy: Colonoscopy With Dilation (continued)

Reem Sharaiha, MD, MSc; Mouen A . Khashab, MD

Colonoscopy with polypectomy refers to the endoscopic removal of a colonic polyp using forceps or a snare with or without cautery, using an electrosurgical generator (eg, ERBE electrosurgical unit, Figure 32-1). A polyp can be removed en bloc or piecemeal depending on its size. If the polyp is small in size (<6 mm), it can be removed with biopsy forceps. Once a large sessile polyp (≥20 mm) is visualized, saline mixed with indigo carmine is injected into the submucosal space to ensure lifting of the polyp. This is done for two reasons: to ensure that the polyp can be effectively resected…