Johns Hopkins Manual for GI Endoscopic Nurses, Third Edition

Mouen Khashab, MD; Toshunia Robinson, MD; Anthony Kalloo, MD

Chapter 36: Ercp With Sphincterotomy (continued)

Anne Marie Lennon, MD

A sphincterotomy is an incision made into the sphincter of Oddi. It can be made into the bile duct (biliary sphincterotomy) or pancreatic duct (pancreatic sphincterotomy). A sphincterotomy allows greater ease of access to the ducts, which is important when therapeutic procedures are being performed, such as removal of biliary or pancreatic duct stones or dilation of a stricture. It can also be used to treat certain diseases such as papillary stenosis or sphincter of Oddi dysfunction. An ERCP is performed to visualize the pancreatic or biliary ducts. The sphincterotomy is performed by…
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