Self-Expanding Stents in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

Douglas G. Adler, MD

Chapter 10: Gastroduodenal Stents Versus Surgery For Malignant Gastric Outlet Obstruction (continued)

Ali A. Siddiqui, MD

Gastric outlet obstruction (GOO) is a clinical syndrome that is exemplified by postprandial vomiting and upper abdominal pain as a result of mechanical obstruction of the upper gastrointestinal tract. GOO can be caused not only by obstruction of the stomach but also by duodenal or extraluminal disease. In the past, benign diseases, as a result of peptic strictures, were the predominant cause of GOO.1,2 However, since the discovery of Helicobacter pylori and the use of proton pump inhibitors, the incidence of GOO as a result of peptic ulcer disease has dramatically decreased. In current…