Curbside Consultation in IBD: 49 Clinical Questions, Second Edition

David T Rubin, MD; Sonia Friedman, MD; Francis A Farraye, MD MSc

Question 42: How Do You Approach Polypoid Lesions In Patients With Inflammatory Bowel Disease? (continued)

Fernando Velayos, MD; Francis A. Farraye, MD, MSc

Polypoid lesions are commonly encountered during colonoscopy in patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). The most common and important question to answer when encountering these lesions is whether the polypoid lesion is an inflammatory a dysplastic polyp. Most polypoid lesions are inflammatory polyps, also termed pseudopolyps. These polypoid lesions consist of regenerating mucosa that develop in the setting of a significant inflammatory insult in the colon or are the remaining residual islands of spared mucosa that occurred after such an insult. The dilemma with inflammatory polyps is…