Pocket Guide to IBD, Second Edition

Marla Dubinsky, MD; Sonia Friedman, MD

Chapter 10: Anorectal Pain (continued)

David A. Schwartz, MD; Sara N. Horst, MD

Anorectal pain in a patient with IBD can be caused by very different disease entities. Given that perianal manifestations of Crohn’s disease such as fistulas can be extremely difficult to treat, it is important to accurately define the extent of disease and to develop a timely diagnostic and treatment strategy. • Anal skin tag • Anal ulcer • Anal fissure • Perianal fistula • Rectovaginal or rectovesicular fistula • Perianal abscess • Anorectal stricture • Anorectal cancer • Proctalgia fugax What is the nature of…