Quick Reference Dictionary for GI and Hepatology

Jonathan M Fenkel, MD

Appendix 12: Grading Of Erosive Esophagitis (continued)

The two most frequently used grading systems to assess the severity and healing of erosive esophagitis are the Los Angeles classification and the Savary-Miller classification. Armstrong D, Bennett JR, Blum A, et al. The endoscopic assessment of esophagitis: a progress report on observer agreement. Gastroenterology. 1996;111:85-92. Dent J. Endoscopic grading of reflux oesophagitis: the past, present and future. Best Pract Res Clin Gastroenterol. 2008;22:585-599. Yaghoobi M, Padol S, Yuan Y, Hunt RH. Impact of oesophagitis classification in evaluating healing of erosive oesophagitis after…