Complicated Cases in GI

Anthony Kalloo, MD; Jonathan M. Buscaglia, MD

Chapter 25: Crohn’S Disease Or Behcet’S Syndrome? (continued)

Octavia Pickett-Blakely, MD

A 36-year-old woman presented with a chief complaint of rectal bleeding. She felt well until 1 week prior to presentation when she experienced 6 to 7 bouts of what she described as diarrhea. One day prior to admission she had rectal bleeding that was accompanied by nausea and vomiting. She also disclosed complaints of weakness, dizziness, and dyspnea on exertion. The past medical history was significant for recurrent mucocutaneous ulcers that began at the age of 18. The ulcers occurred in the oropharynx, esophagus, colon, and perineum. She had a history of anemia and a herniated disc at the…
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