Curbside Consultation in IBD: 49 Clinical Questions, Second Edition

David T Rubin, MD; Sonia Friedman, MD; Francis A Farraye, MD MSc

Question 36: How Should I Treat My Crohn’S Disease Patient After An Ileocecectomy And Primary Anastomosis? (continued)

Miguel Regueiro, MD

Despite advances in medical therapy, nearly two-thirds of Crohn’s disease (CD) patients will undergo at least one intestinal resection during their disease course. Postoperative CD recurrence is common with endoscopically evident disease in the neoterminal ileum, occurring in 70% to 90% of patients within 12 months of surgery. Approximately 50% of patients will have symptoms related to a clinical recurrence of CD within 5 years of surgery. Typically by the time symptoms manifest, the CD has progressed to the point of a complication (eg, stricture or fistula) that…