Probiotics: A Clinical Guide

Martin H. Floch, MD; Adam S. Kim, MD

Chapter 18: Probiotic Treatment Incrohn’S Disease (continued)

Karen Kroeker, MD, FRCP(C); Richard N. Fedorak, MD, FRCP(C)

Crohn’s disease (CD) is chronic inflammatory disease characterized by aphthous ulcers, transmural inflammation, skip lesions, and granuloma formation. Pathogenesis of CD is the result of a complex interplay between genetic susceptibility, the environment, enteric microflora, and the host immune response. Traditionally, treatment of CD has focused on attempted modification of the host immune response and surgical resection of diseased areas. Antibiotics, to alter intestinal flora, have been used to treat abscesses and perianal fistula and prevent postoperative recurrence. Over the…