Curbside Consultation of the Colon: 49 Clinical Questions

Brooks D. Cash, MD, FACP, CDR, MC, USN

Question 39: What Is Rectal Prolapse? (continued)

Brian E. Lacy, MD, PhD

Primary causes of constipation include obstructed defecation, irritable bowel syndrome, colonic inertia, and normal transit constipation. Of the large group of disorders that cause obstructed defecation, rectal prolapse is one of the two most common reasons (the other being internal mucosal prolapse). Rectal prolapse (procidentia) is defined as a protrusion of the rectum beyond the anus.1 Full-thickness or complete rectal prolapse is the protrusion of all of the layers of the rectal wall beyond the anus. Mucosal prolapse (incomplete prolapse) is the protrusion of only the rectal mucosa…