efaculty-header Request an Adoption/Desk Copy

We welcome all faculty requests. To serve you in the best way possible, we ask that you identify your book request one of the following criteria:

Adoption Review Copy - We are happy to provide adoption review copies of our textbooks to educational programs. Just fill out the form below or send a request for an adoption review copy to us on school letterhead. Be sure to include the course name and number, enrollment and term. You will have 30 days to review the book and return it to us, if it is not adopted for your class.

Desk Copy - When orders for adopted books have been placed with your bookstore, submit a Desk Copy Request Form (usually provided by your bookstore), and we will send you a free copy for instructional use. An adoption review copy previously sent is considered a desk copy upon adoption of the book. It is our policy to provide one desk copy per every 25 students who purchase the book.

Please provide all information requested below to ensure prompt processing of your request.

We understand that many universities are limiting access to campus due to COVID-19. We are happy to provide eBook desk copies or ship the books to your home. Please just specify in the comments of your request your preferred method of receiving your copies.