efaculty-header Frequently Asked Questions

1. The e-mail address I originally signed up with was at my old school; I now teach elsewhere. Can you update my information?
We do not maintain users’ log-in details. In order to access the instructor’s material and to receive e-mail alerts on new educational products, please re-register at http://www.efacultylounge.com/register_user.asp, using your newest .edu e-mail address. Passwords may not be longer than 10 total characters.

2. I have forgotten my password and cannot log-in.
Please go to http://www.efacultylounge.com/getpswd.asp for the online password retrieval form. You will be sent an e-mail shortly with your log-in information.

3. Are instructors’ desk copies different than the students’ versions?
The textbooks provided to students and to faculty is the same product. Additional instructor materials are available for faculty only at www.efacultylounge.com.

4. I do not know the ISBN for a book that I am requesting. Is that ok?
Yes. As long as you can provide the book’s author and title, we will be able to fulfill your request.

5. I try to click on the “Instructor Material” link on the homepage, but every time I do it asks me to log-in. I have already logged in but I still cannot access the material – what should I do?
If you have already logged in and have been redirected back to the homepage, click on “Member Login” at the top right part of the screen. Once there, click on the appropriate allied health discipline on the left sidebar for the material you are trying to access. It will take you to a page with all of the books in that discipline which contain ancillary material.

6. How do I know whether the book I am using is accompanied by instructor’s material?
All of the occupational therapy, physical therapy, and athletic training textbooks we sell that are accompanied by instructor’s material are listed alphabetically on www.efacultylounge.com. You may also e-mail educomps@slackinc.com and a representative will respond regarding your inquiry.

7. Some of the PowerPoint presentations only contain a partial amount of the slides. How can I access the full set?
Some of the presentations are only made available upon the book being adopted and required in the classroom. Please e-mail educomps@slackinc.com with the following information so we can release the complete presentation: course name and number, course enrollment, the course’s term/semester, and confirmation that the textbook has been adopted and that the students are required to purchase it.