Athletic Training Books

Orthotic Design and Fabrication for the Upper Extremity: A Practical Guide

Katherine Schofield, DHS OTR/L CHT ; Deborah Schwartz, OTD OTR/L CHT

Principles of Pharmacology for Athletic Trainers, Third Edition

Joel E Houglum, PhD ; Gary Harrelson, EdD ATC ; Teresa Seefeldt, PharmD PhD

Quick Questions in Ankle Sprains: Expert Advice in Sports Medicine

Patrick O McKeon, PhD ATC CSCS ; Erik Wikstrom, PhD ATC FACSM

Quick Reference Dictionary for Athletic Training, Third Edition

Julie  Bernier, EdD AT RET ; Linda  Levy, EdD ATC

Special Tests for Neurologic Examination

James R. Scifers, DScPT, PT, SCS, LAT, ATC

Special Tests for Orthopedic Examination, Fourth Edition

Jeff G Konin, PhD ATC PT FACSM FNATA ; Denise Lebsack, PhD ATC ; Alison R Snyder Valier, PhD ATC FNATA ; Jerome A Isear Jr, MS PT LAT ATC

Sports Emergency Care: A Team Approach, Third Edition

Robb S Rehberg, PhD ATC NREMT ; Jeff G Konin, PhD ATC PT FACSM FNATA

True Stories from the Athletic Training Room

Keith M Gorse, EdD LAT ATC ; Francis Feld, DNP CRNA LAT ATC NRP ; Robert O Blanc, MS LAT ATC EMT-P

Workplace Concepts for Athletic Trainers

Stephanie M Mazerolle, PhD ATC LAT ; William A Pitney, EdD ATC FNATA