Sports Medicine Books

Acute Management of Hand Injuries

Andrew J. Weiland, MD ; Rachel S. Rohde, MD

Administrative Topics in Athletic Training: Concepts to Practice, Second Edition

Gary L Harrelson, EdD PCC ATC ; Greg Gardner, EdD ATC LAT ; Andrew P Winterstein, PhD ATC

Athletic Training Case Scenarios: Domain-Based Situations and Solutions

Keith M Gorse, EdD LAT ATC ; Francis  Feld, MS MEd CRNA LAT ATC NRP ; Robert O Blanc, MS LAT ATC EMT-P

Biologic Knee Reconstruction: A Surgeon's Guide

Brian J Cole, MD MBA ; Joshua D Harris, MD

Clinical Skills Documentation Guide for Athletic Training, Third Edition

John M Hauth, EdD LAT ATC ; Brian M Gloyeske, MS LAT ATC ; Herb K Amato, DA ATC

Curbside Consultation of the ACL: 49 Clinical Questions

Bernard R. Bach, Jr., MD ; Nikhil N. Verma, MD

Curbside Consultation of the Shoulder: 49 Clinical Questions

Gregory Nicholson, MD ; Matthew T. Provencher, MD

Direct Anterior Approach to Hip Reconstruction

B Sonny Bal, MD JD MBA ; Lee E Rubin, MD ; Kristaps J Keggi, MD Dr Med (hc)