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Elbow dislocations result in longer removal from play among high school athletes

February 6, 2016
Compared with nondislocation-associated elbow injuries, high school athletes who had elbow dislocations experienced longer removal from play and were…
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VIDEO: Ciccotti on the Rothman Impact of Sports Summit 2015 and the challenges of being a team physician

February 1, 2016
PHILADELPHIA — At the Impact of Sports 2015 Summit, Michael G. Ciccotti, MD, discussed several important take-home messages from the meeting…
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Return to play less likely for MLB pitchers after revision Tommy John surgery

January 21, 2016
Recently published data indicated performance and return to play among Major League Baseball players after revision Tommy John surgery decreased…

BLOG: Injuries in youth basketball players can be prevented with proper training

November 20, 2015
Basketball has been a favorite sport ever since James Naismith first nailed a peach basket to the wall of the YMCA in Springfield, Mass. in 1891. It…

BLOG: Know the injury patterns, risk factors for young baseball players

September 16, 2015
Baseball is our American pastime and it has always been expected to be a safe and healthy sport. However since 2000, there has been a five- to…

10 items to read in pediatric and adolescent sports medicine

August 24, 2015
Orthopedics Today has highlighted ten important stories to keep your practice up-to-date regarding sports medicine issues in younger patients.  
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Overuse injuries a common issue for collegiate and high school athletes

August 11, 2015
According to recently published data, overuse injury is a significant issue facing athletes at the collegiate and high school levels. Researchers…
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Pitchers’ blood flow decreased in provocative shoulder position

August 6, 2015
After one competitive baseball season, the blood flow of pitchers significantly decreased when in a provocative shoulder position, according to…
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Rugby training injuries more common among lower-level players

August 4, 2015
Training injuries were more common among school-level rugby teams compared with academy-level rugby teams, according to researchers’ findings…
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Surgical intervention for athletes with Lisfranc injuries likely allows for return to sport

July 29, 2015
LONG BEACH, Calif. — According to study findings presented here, athletes who require surgical intervention for the treatment of Lisfranc…
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Young, active patients likely return to active duty sooner after surgery for Achilles tendon ruptures

July 20, 2015
LONG BEACH, Calif. — Patients who are operatively treated for Achilles tendon ruptures returned to active duty quicker, however, there were no…
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Promising results found with arthroscopic surgery for multidirectional shoulder instability

July 19, 2015
ORLANDO, Fla. — Results of early outcomes presented here support the use of arthroscopic treatment for patients with multidirectional…
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Higher odds of return to play without recurrent instability seen with arthroscopic repair

July 16, 2015
ORLANDO, Fla. — Intercollegiate contact-sports athletes who experienced in-season shoulder instability and underwent arthroscopic stabilization…

DJO Global announces launch and FDA clearance of wireless electric muscle stimulation device

July 16, 2015
DJO Global recently announced its launch of Compex Wireless USA, which the company says is the first FDA-cleared wireless neuromuscular electronic…
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Return to preoperative level of play after ACL repair may take longer than expected

July 15, 2015
Patients who underwent ACL repair and had participated regularly in sports preoperatively were found to have difficulty returning to their previous…
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Surgery better for patients with hamstring injuries vs non-surgical treatment

July 15, 2015
ORLANDO, Fla. — Patients treated surgically for acute proximal hamstring ruptures had better lower extremity function outcomes, as well as a…
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Increases in Tommy John surgeries likely after elbow injury in young athletes

July 14, 2015
ORLANDO, Fla. — Researchers observed an increase in the incidence of ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction in young athletes between the…
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Rate of return to sport high by 1 year after all-epiphyseal ACL reconstruction in children

July 13, 2015
ORLANDO, Fla. — Skeletally immature patients with 3 years to 6 years of remaining growth who underwent all-inside, all-epiphyseal ACL…

BLOG: Time is right to make a major impact on the prevention of youth sports injuries

June 30, 2015
My first blog is to introduce and describe the STOP Sports Injuries program. Under the direction and leadership of the…
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Delayed ACL reconstruction linked to negative impact on activities of daily living in young patients

June 15, 2015
LYON, France — In a retrospective cohort study of adolescent patients who underwent ACL reconstruction, findings linked surgical delay with…
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