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Service price biggest driver of health care spending

November 9, 2017
Annual health care spending increased from $1.2 trillion to $2.1 trillion between 1996 and 2013, fueled by a 50% rise in the price of health care…

CMS finalizes policies it says will lower drug prices, reduce burdens

November 3, 2017
AAFP and ACP are among the medical groups claiming CMS’s recent decisions regarding the final rule for the 2018 Physician Fee Schedule and a…
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Revenues surpass expenditures in majority of medical specialty boards

August 1, 2017
Although medical specialty boards — as nonprofit organizations funded by physicians —have been entrusted to match revenue and…

Debate, fluidity continues over repeal, replacement of ACA

July 27, 2017
The United States Senate is more than halfway through 20 hours of debate over the so-called “skinny repeal” bill that would start the…

AMA: Health care debate ‘by no means over’

July 18, 2017
While a series of announcements by Senate Republicans seem to indicate that for the time being attempts both to replace and repeal the ACA have…

AAFP, ACP, AMA, ACOG demand ‘do over’ in health care bill

July 14, 2017
Leaders of several medical societies, upon hearing the latest version of the Better Care Reconciliation Act, said lawmakers need to go back to the…
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Care of Kona Ironman World Championship triathlon athletes requires preparation

Orthopedics Today, July 2017
Although far from being an endurance athlete, I have had the distinct pleasure of being a volunteer physician for the past few years at the Ironman…
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Medical costs increase, but number of patients treated and services rendered remained stable

July 10, 2017
Total medical expenditures increased markedly between 1996-1997 and 2011-2012, but the number of individuals with visits during an average month and…

More than half of doctors are not completely ready for MACRA

June 30, 2017
An AMA survey revealed that 51% of physicians who are involved in practice decision-making are only somewhat knowledgeable about the Medicare Access…

AMA, ACP laud passage of House bill touted to control health care costs, increase number of physicians

June 29, 2017
AMA and ACP’s presidents are commending the members of the U.S. House Representatives for passing House Resolution 1215, also known as the…

Armed with CBO report, AAFP sharply critical of Senate health care bill

June 27, 2017
AAFP has unleashed a new round of criticism in the wake of the Congressional Budget Office releasing an analysis of the Senate health care bill known…

AMA opposed to Senate Health Care bill

June 26, 2017
The AMA sent a letter to Senate leaders stating its overwhelming disapproval with the U.S. Senate’s proposal to repeal and replace the…
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Telemedicine effective in assessing, managing adolescent concussion

June 26, 2017
PHILADELPHIA —  When contact between practitioners and athletic trainers is facilitated through telemedicine for the assessment of…

AMA supports efforts to improve substance abuse disorder coverage

June 21, 2017
Experts from four leading nonprofits in the addiction field have determined that existing legislation does not adequately protect insurance coverage…
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State medical licensing board questions may discourage physicians from addressing their mental health

June 21, 2017
Medical license application questions are still not treating mental and physical illness the same, and this could be impacting a physician’s…
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AMA revisits issue of physician burnout

June 14, 2017
On the final day of its annual meeting, AMA delegates adopted a new policy designed to improve medical student and physician access to mental health…
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AMA takes action to address physician shortage

June 14, 2017
AMA delegates at the annual meeting underway in Chicago adopted a policy to ensure there is sufficient funding for medical residency positions…
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AMA inaugurates David O. Barbe as new president

June 14, 2017
David O. Barbe, MD, a family medicine practitioner, was sworn in as the American Medical Association’s 172nd president last night. According…
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AMA adopts policies to protect the health of immigrants, refugees

June 13, 2017
The AMA voted to implement new policies that will improve and protect the health of immigrants and refugees seeking safe haven in the United States…

AMA, AHA, ADA, others join forces to protect patient access to health care

June 13, 2017
As the debate over health care reform continues, the AMA and seven other consumer, patient and provider advocate groups recently announced that they…
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