Trump administration says it's ending ACA ‘sabotage,’ experts say it comes at great risk to patients

October 11, 2018
The average premium for the second lowest cost silver health insurance plans — the one used to determine final premium tax credits — will…

Steps clinicians can take toward proper compensation

October 10, 2018
Several times throughout European history, the law set limits on what medical services patients could be billed for and some clinicians could not…

How to maximize face-to-face time with patients

October 9, 2018
The average time of a consultation in primary care rose from 15.56 minutes in 1993 to 21.07 minutes in 2012,

Preparation before office visits provides significant advantages for PCPs, patients

October 8, 2018
A recent study suggested a “primary care revolution” is coming that will increase the workload in the future for primary care…
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Dual-eligible Medicare, Medicaid beneficiaries subject to persistently high costs

October 4, 2018
More than half of high-cost patients who were dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid continued to have high costs over 3 years, according to…
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FDA approves additional Xolair formulations

October 1, 2018
The FDA has approved 75 mg/0.5 mL and 150 mg/1 mL single-dose prefilled syringes of Xolair as additional formulations for patients with allergic…
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Following asthma guidelines offsets negative impact of dogs, cats, secondhand smoke

October 1, 2018
Removing dogs, cats and secondhand smoke from the homes of patients with asthma may not be necessary if certain asthma guidelines are followed…

AMA, AAFP, ACP: CMS should reconsider proposed physician payment policies

September 26, 2018
CMS is currently reviewing more than 15,000 comments it received regarding its proposals that would overhaul physician payment policies and reduce…
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FDA grants Breakthrough Therapy Designation to tezepelumab for severe asthma

September 25, 2018
Tezepelumab was recently granted FDA Breakthrough Therapy Designation for treating patients with severe asthma without an eosinophilic phenotype…

Experts discuss potential benefits, disadvantages to Cigna-Express Scripts, CVS-Aetna mergers

September 19, 2018
The Department of Justice approved the Cigna-Express Scripts merger on Sept. 17, according to Business Insider and The Wall Street Journal
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Team-based health care improves patient outcomes, physician well-being

September 18, 2018
Implementing optimal team-based health care is associated with improvements in patient outcomes, the efficiency of care and the well-being and…
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Burnout frequency varies by specialty, but exact prevalence unclear

September 18, 2018
Symptoms of burnout and career choice regret were common among U.S. resident physicians, but differed substantially by clinical specialty, according…

Ongoing EpiPen shortage not cause for serious alarm

September 18, 2018
The ongoing shortage of EpiPen supply — now entering its fifth month — has intersected with the high demand for auto-injectors when…
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Drug prices rise twice as fast during shortages

September 17, 2018
During a shortage, drug prices increase two times as quickly as they would have in the absence of a shortage, according to findings published in…

NIH, Children's National Health System join forces to study pediatric disease

September 17, 2018
In a collaborative effort between the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the NIH and the Children’s National Health…
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Community-based plan improves asthma symptoms in black teens

September 17, 2018
Black adolescents with poorly controlled asthma who participated in a family- and community-based treatment plan for 6 months experienced…
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Red meat allergies may develop after chigger bites

September 13, 2018
There is an established link between Lone Star tick bites and red meat allergy, but chiggers — or the Trombiculidae mite — may be another…
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Beverages with added fructose may increase allergy risk

September 10, 2018
Teenagers who excessively consumed beverages with free, or added, fructose had a fivefold increase in allergy symptoms, according to an analysis of…

Past rulings may provide insight on how Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh may impact health care

September 7, 2018
The Senate Judiciary Committee began hearings this week for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. The former Supreme Court law clerk and…
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Physician burnout may lead to suboptimal patient care

September 4, 2018
Physician burnout was associated with about a twofold increase in unsafe patient care, unprofessionalism and low patient satisfaction, according to…