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ACAAI annual meeting to showcase new discoveries, treatments

October 6, 2017
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Lower, high doses of wheat oral immunotherapy desensitized majority of children

March 8, 2017
ATLANTA — Lower and high doses of wheat oral immunotherapy induced significant desensitization in most wheat-allergic children following 1 year of treatment
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Walnut oral immunotherapy induced walnut, additional tree nut desensitization

March 5, 2017
ATLANTA — Walnut oral immunotherapy effectively induced walnut desensitization, as well as cross-desensitization to a secondary tree nut, in a majority of tree
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Uncontrolled asthma prior to AIT seen in HDM allergy patients

May 13, 2016
A majority of patients in this study who underwent allergen immunotherapy for house dust mites showed house dust mite-allergic rhinitis-associated conjunctivitis, with…
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