Allergic Disease Mechanisms

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S. aureus puts kids with severe eczema at higher risk for food allergy

June 12, 2019

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Wildfires worse for children’s health compared with prescribed burns

May 31, 2019
Children in California who were exposed to wildfire smoke had increases in asthma exacerbations, including wheezing in those who did not have asthma before the fire…
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Serology for mite sensitization screening could save $4B over 5 years

March 19, 2019
A simulation that used serology to screen children with asthma for mite sensitization saved more than $4 billion over 5 years, according to a poster presented at the…
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Peanut patch trial produces mixed results

February 22, 2019
Young children with peanut allergy who received 12 months of treatment with a peanut patch had a significant difference in treatment response rate vs. those who received…
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