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Augmentation rhinoplasty: Know the cause of depressed dimpling prior surgery to optimize result

September 17, 2015
Before proceeding with scar-revision surgery, researchers urge surgeons to address the skin specifically in secondary rhinoplasty, as the change in…

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Two-stage paramedian forehead flap remains gold standard in nasal reconstruction

September 17, 2015
In a retrospective review in Dermatologic Surgery, researchers found no comprehensive evidence to suggest an enhanced aesthetic result from…

FDA: Healthy aging tips for women in time for Healthy Aging Month

September 16, 2015
The FDA’s Office of Women’s Health stressed good habits like eating healthy and managing health screenings to help people age as…

Top 6 aesthetics stories so far in August

August 18, 2015
Continue on for the top stories of the month thus far.

Top 4 aesthetic stories of the week: Facial scar repair, autologous costal rhinoplasty and more

August 14, 2015
This week in aesthetics, autologous costal rhinoplasty complications were explored and evaluated.  In other research, SMAS facelift patient…

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Recognize complications, counsel patients preoperatively in autologous costal rhinoplasty

August 13, 2015
Autologous costal rhinoplasty is a safe and effective procedure, but researchers warn surgeons that potentially significant rates of minor recipient…

Top aesthetics stories of the week

August 7, 2015
Allergan announced their impressive second quarter earning results where diluted non-GAAP earnings per share increased 29% compared to second quarter…

New York facial plastic surgeon releases full length rhinoplasty video

August 5, 2015
Board-certified plastic surgeon Norman J. Pastorek, MD, PC, FACS, has released a full-length rhinoplasty surgery video for patients and surgeons…

AAFPRS: 'All people must be treated with respect and dignity’

August 3, 2015
The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery issued a press release on facial feminization surgery for transgender individuals…

Top 5 aesthetics stories from July

July 20, 2015
As is typical this time of year, the summer is moving fast. The aesthetic industry is heating up by releasing cutting edge research on plastic…

Top aesthetics stories of the week

July 17, 2015
This week’s top stories include a new blog from NYC-based plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Lara Devgan, MD, MPH, who makes a strong case…

Geoffrey R. Keyes elected president-elect of The Rhinoplasty Society

July 16, 2015
Geoffrey R. Keyes, MD, FACS, has been elected president-elect of The Rhinoplasty Society for the upcoming term. The society is an international…

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Postoperative short nose deformities in Asian patients mostly caused by silicone-related capsule contracture

July 14, 2015
To correct postoperative short nose in Asian patients, revision usually involves more than one kind of surgical technique and researchers introduced…

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Plastic surgery pricing does not coincide with supply-and-demand

July 10, 2015
A correlation exists between cosmetic surgery pricing and local economic factors, researchers found; however, the pricing cannot be completely…

ISAPS: Over 20 million cosmetic procedures performed worldwide in 2014

July 8, 2015
The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery released its annual statistics on cosmetic surgical and nonsurgical procedures for 2014, with…

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Slightly asymmetric lighting offers best photographic results for rhinoplasty results

July 1, 2015
Slightly asymmetric lighting leads to better detailed rendition and 3-dimensionality of the nose, according to Aesthetic Surgery Journal

Weekly aesthetics recap

June 26, 2015
In case you missed any of our headlines this week, here is a sampling of the biggest stories. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled on nationwide health care…

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Functional rhinoplasty alone improves obstructive sleep apnea

June 25, 2015
Functional rhinoplasty may have the potential to significantly improve the severity of obstructive sleep apnea in patients with nasal obstruction…

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More males dissatisfied with rhinoplasty, have trouble verbalizing reason

June 10, 2015
Males have lower satisfaction in rhinoplasty and are vaguer in expressing reasons for dissatisfaction than females, according study results in…

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Patients undergoing rhinoplasty for deviated nose often present with asymmetry in other facial subunits

May 28, 2015
Researchers created a system of objective anthropometric measurements to analyze facial asymmetry, according to a study in JAMA Facial Plastic

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