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BLOG: What happened to Enrique Iglesias' hands?

It has been widely reported that pop singer and Latin music phenom Enrique Iglesias injured his hands while on tour in Mexico this past weekend. According to official statements, Mr. Iglesias attempted to grab a drone during a Saturday night concert in Tijuana, Mexico in order to provide his audience with a point-of-view shot from the flying camera.

Although it is not known exactly what happened, the singer's attempt to grab the drone resulted in a slicing injury to several of his fingers. A representative told the Associated Press that Mr. Iglesias was “semi-treated” stage-side immediately following the accident.

The hands are incredibly complex, and grabbing a sharp object can injure any number of tissue types. There are many important structures in the part of the fingers where Mr. Iglesias was injured, including nerves, tendons, vessels, muscles, bones, and skin.

While I am not treating Mr. Iglesias and cannot comment on his precise injury, the most common injuries in a situation like this are lacerations of the tendons, nerves, and vessels of the fingers and palm. Tendon and nerve injuries should be repaired within 72 hours in order to preserve the most hand function. It has been reported that Mr. Iglesias is undergoing reconstructive hand surgery today in Los Angeles.

Hand function is vital to almost every basic life function, including touching, writing, grasping, and sensing. Even seemingly trivial hand injuries, like slicing a finger with a cooking knife, can cause devastating results if they are not properly treated in a timely fashion. If you or someone you know sustains a hand injury, I advise you to seek medical attention from a properly trained hand specialist as soon as possible.

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