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Questions raised about evidence for FDA approval of soft-tissue fillers

July 19, 2017
Despite FDA approval based largely on randomized clinical trial results, questions about the safety of soft-tissue fillers prompted a recent…

Valeant to sell Obagi Medical Products business

July 17, 2017
Valeant Pharmaceuticals International announced that affiliates of the company have agreed to sell the Obagi Medical Products business to Haitong…

Worldwide demand for cosmetic surgery continues dramatic increases

July 14, 2017
The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery published results of the annual Global Aesthetic Survey that showed a 9% overall increase in…

IOPtima launches iLid CO2 laser kit for blepharoplasty

July 12, 2017
The iLid CO₂ laser kit, designed for oculoplastic surgeons to perform CO₂ laser-assisted blepharoplasty, has been launched, according to an IOPtima…

Nearly 70% of surveyed consumers considering cosmetic procedures

June 28, 2017
Almost 70% of consumers reported that they are considering a cosmetic procedure, according to survey results released by the American Society for…

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DaxibotulinumtoxinA shows greater efficacy, response duration vs. Botox

June 28, 2017
Injectable daxibotulinumtoxinA, an investigational botulinum toxin Type A, showed superior efficacy and duration of response in certain doses over…

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Masseter-to-facial nerve transfer may be reliable for smile reanimation

June 27, 2017
Masseter-to-facial nerve transfer showed reliability for smile reanimation but with limited impact on resting symmetry. The researchers noted that no…

Almost one-third of surveyed men 'extremely likely' to consider cosmetic procedure

June 14, 2017
The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery has released the results of a survey of 618 men, finding that 31% of…

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Query patients on makeup application, removal habits

June 12, 2017
A recent survey found that respondents who did not report using an eye makeup remover had higher Standardized Patient Evaluation of Eye Dryness…

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FDA warns of unapproved versions of Juvéderm

June 8, 2017
The FDA announced it has updated its dermal fillers website to include a public warning about unapproved versions of Juvéderm, including…

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Lower concentrations of hyaluronidase effective at degrading hyaluronic acid

June 8, 2017
Lower concentrations of hyaluronidase were as effective as higher concentrations at degrading hyaluronic acid fillers, according to study results…

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Bullying may lead to poor psychological function, desire for cosmetic surgery

June 2, 2017
Adolescents victims of bullying were more likely to report poor psychological function and desire cosmetic surgery, according to recent findings. The…

Five developments in sunscreen on Memorial Day weekend

May 26, 2017
Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer, and with that comes the reminder to practice sun safety and use sunscreen…

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Facial splash without protection common among dermatology residents

May 17, 2017
A large percentage of surveyed dermatology residents reported facial splash by blood or other potentially infectious material during a procedure…

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Patients perceived as younger, more successful after undergoing facial rejuvenation surgery

May 16, 2017
Patients who underwent face-lift and upper facial rejuvenation surgery were perceived as younger, more attractive and more successful by observers…

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Surgical algorithm may aid surgical treatment of involutional ptosis with normal levator function

May 10, 2017
A surgical algorithm involving a small incision to expose the levator aponeurosis was effective in terms of margin reflex distance-1 and surgical…

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Thread lifting technique shows efficacy in facial rejuvenation in Asians

May 9, 2017
Thread lifting with absorbable short, wedge-shaped polydioxanone sutures showed safety and efficacy in facial rejuvenation in Asian patients…

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Storage of partially used hyaluronic acid carries some contamination risk

May 8, 2017
Storing partially used hyaluronic acid gel fillers after the initial patient injection carried a small risk of contamination, according to study…

Medifirst to acquire rights to Green Laser for aesthetic use

May 2, 2017
Medifirst Solutions announced it has agreed to acquire the exclusive licensing rights from Laser Lab Corp for its Green Laser for use in anti-aging…

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Low-fluence Q-switched laser shows efficacy in treating melasma, solar lentigo

May 1, 2017
Low-fluence Q-switched 1,064-nm neodymium:yttrium-aluminum-garnet laser achieved efficacy in treating melasma and smallplaque-type solar…

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