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Fat mass increased in adolescents assigned probiotic supplement

March 2, 2018

Weight Watchers teen program prompts criticism about promoting negative body image

March 1, 2018
Families working together toward shared health and fitness goals would appear to be an unequivocal “win-win” in terms of developing good habits and spending
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Obesity rates climbing among preschoolers, older children

February 26, 2018
Despite previous reports of a decline in childhood obesity, new study data suggest there is no decline in obesity in children aged 2 to 19 years, and prevalence of…
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Energy drinks ‘pose greater health risk’ than coffee

February 7, 2018
Physiological adverse events linked to consuming energy drinks were “significantly more prevalent” than those linked to coffee, according to data recently…
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A Novel Approach to the Study of Pediatric Obesity: A Biomarker Model

Pediatric Annals, June 2012, Volume 41 Issue 6
Yet, the biologic processes underpinning the connection between childhood and later adulthood obesity are unclear. The…
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Youth Suicide: August 2017

AKH Inc., Advancing Knowledge in Healthcare and Psychiatric Annals

Suicidal ideation and behavior, as well as death by suicide, in children and adolescents present a particularly…
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VIDEO: Vaccine significantly reduces risk for influenza-related death in children

June 5, 2017
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