Infectious Diseases in Children


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Gilead commits $100 million to address HIV/AIDS epidemic in Southern US

VIDEO: Treating fever in young infants

H3N2, known to evade vaccine, is predominant flu strain in US

Net neutrality repeal may diminish telemedicine access, harm small practices

House, Senate pass tax reform; experts say it is ‘not good news’ for health care

Time from HIV infection to diagnosis cut 17% in US

Genetic mutation in FluMist could be altered to restore effectiveness

E. coli outbreak linked to raw flour consumption

Six Caribbean nations end mother-to-child HIV and syphilis transmission

At Issue

Pertussis vaccines and the next steps in development

Cover Story

Pertussis increase attributed to waning vaccine immunity

FDA News

FDA expands Isentress indication for HIV-1 exposed full-term newborns


IDSA antitrust lawsuit thrusts chronic Lyme disease into health care limelight

In the Journals

Lyme disease diagnosis based on clinician suspicion often inaccurate

Quadrivalent HPV vaccine safe, effective in preteens and teens

Influenza vaccine prevents pediatric influenza-related hospitalizations

Law requiring counseling from health care providers reduces vaccine exemptions

Time between pregnancies may increase child’s risk for autism

Breast-feeding in infancy linked to decreased risk of eczema in teens

ADHD more common in children of fathers on SSRIs

AAP: Health care workers need training to identify, intervene in child trafficking

Confirmatory HIV testing prevents unnecessary treatment in infants

Young children may be at risk of injury, fatality from window blinds

Teen e-cigarette use linked to future cigarette smoking

In the Journals Plus

One dose of pneumococcal vaccine plus booster effective

SHEA, CDC release guidance for epidemiologists in outbreaks

Philosophical, religious reasons fuel nonmedical vaccine exemption rates

Many health care workers do not know correct influenza precautions

Meeting News

Climbing congenital syphilis rates cause concern for pediatricians

Proper treatment of S. aureus necessary with changing epidemiology

Timely care, knowledge needed to prevent tickborne illnesses

Pharmacology Consult

Neuraminidase inhibitor indications, recommendations for treating influenza

Edward A Bell, PharmD, BCPS

What's Your Diagnosis?

10-year-old female presents with nonhealing ulcerative lesion on shin

James H Brien, DO