Infectious Diseases in Children


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Peer activities may improve college students’ mental health behaviors

FDA adds 4 tropical diseases to priority review voucher

Google Glass helps children with autism read emotions

Maternal exposure to insecticides potential cause of autism in children

Measles cases hit record high in Europe, nearly doubling 2017 total

WHO, UNICEF: 78 million newborns not breastfed within first hour after birth

Pediatric Asthma Yardstick aids physicians in stepping up treatment

Zika causes health concerns in 14% of infants exposed in US territories

Rat lungworm infection linked to raw vegetables in US

Tdap during pregnancy results in blunted immune response in infants

At Issue

RSV vaccines: Who should get them?

Cover Story

RSV vaccine development about to enter ‘golden age’


Early school start times have detrimental effects on US teens’ health


Chinese vaccine manufacturer blunder could increase vaccine hesitancy in US

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New estimate shows 7% of preterm infants have autism

Rotavirus vaccine significantly reduces diarrhea-associated deaths in young children

One-third of adolescents who are first-time offenders identify as LGBTQ

Most acute gastroenteritis outbreaks in youth camps from food, water

Medical male circumcision averts new HIV infections, saves costs in Zimbabwe

Screening identifies diseases linked to sudden cardiac death in adolescent athletes

IgA antibodies from tick bite may lead to red meat allergy

Hospital noise reduces children's sleep time, quality

US youth show conflicting views on gun control

Vaccination does not increase risk of infertility in teenagers

Children with latent TB adhere to rifampin better than isoniazid

Adherence to Mediterranean diet improves teens' grades

Meeting News

PEPFAR funding directly reduces maternal HIV transmission, infant mortality

Pharmacology Consult

Essential oil use in pediatrics: Safe and effective?

Edward A Bell, PharmD, BCPS

What's Your Diagnosis?

A 13-month-old male with exacerbated eczema