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Playing violent video games linked to dangerous gun-related behavior in kids

May 31, 2019

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Esports’ explosive growth prompts warnings, tips for clinicians

May 6, 2019
Esports — “competitive gaming at a professional level,” according to Newzoo, an organization that monitors the industry — is poised to become one…
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Social media influencers contribute to children’s unhealthy food intake

March 8, 2019
Children who viewed images of social media influencers with unhealthy snacks were more likely to consume unhealthy food compared with children who viewed the same…
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Only 5% of teens meet recommendations for sleep, physical activity, screen time

February 8, 2019
A very small percentage of U.S. high school students met recommendations for sleep time, physical activity and screen time, according to study results published in the…
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Integrative Approaches to Stress, Anxiety, and Resilience

Pediatric Annals, June 2019, Volume 48 Issue 6
Anxiety is one of the most common psychiatric conditions affecting adolescents and youth in the United States, with…
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Behavioral Health Issues in Adolescents

AKH Inc., Advancing Knowledge in Healthcare and Psychiatric Annals

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VIDEO: AAP promotes technology in practice at annual meeting

November 9, 2018
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