Analysis of HIV antibodies provides further insight into immune escape, potential vaccine

May 17, 2011
Antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity antibodies applied pressure on the HIV virus but failed to recognize the concurrent HIV sequence in a…

Children appear more likely to fail triple-drug ART regimen

April 27, 2011
As much as 12% of children develop triple-class virologic failure 5 years after starting an antiretroviral therapy regimen, according to data…

Children with HIV experienced good long-term outcomes on multiple treatment regimens

April 26, 2011
Switching treatment regimens at different viral load points yielded similar outcomes in a cohort of children with HIV, according to study…

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Access to health care difficult for those with HIV

April 6, 2011
As the HIV health care work force grows closer to retirement age and fewer medical students enter this particular facet of infectious…

HHS encourages women and girls to take action against HIV/AIDS

March 10, 2011
Today, National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day observes females nationwide, and encourages people to take action in the fight against…

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Improvements in HIV, syphilis prevention measures needed in young, black MSM

Infectious Disease News, March 2011
The significant increase in confirmed HIV and syphilis diagnoses in young, black men who have sex with men in Milwaukee county during 1999 and…

Children with HIV responded suboptimally to novel adjuvanted influenza A (H1N1) vaccine

October 25, 2010
VANCOUVER — Less than 70% of children with HIV achieved seroprotection from the AS03-adjuvanted pandemic influenza A (H1N1) vaccine (Arepanrix…

Measles eradication effort may be impacted by HIV

October 22, 2010
VANCOUVER – HIV may be playing a role in recent outbreaks of measles in sub-Saharan Africa, according to findings presented at the 48th Annual

Host protein p21 restricted HIV progression in elite-controllers

October 22, 2010
VANCOUVER — The p21 host protein that inhibits HIV replication in hematopoietic stem cells appeared to restrict HIV infection in…

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Lopinavir-based regimen may be superior to nevirapine-based regimen for some peripartum women

October 14, 2010
Women with HIV who have prior exposure to single-dose nevirapine may be treated more effectively at treatment initiation with a lopinavir-based…

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Full-dose nevirapine may lead to rash in children with HIV

October 12, 2010
A full-dose regimen of stavudine, lamivudine and nevirapine was linked to high rates of rash but only a 12% rate of clinical toxicity, according…

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Cost burden improved for pediatric patients with HIV

August 13, 2010
The introduction of antiretroviral therapy has lowered overall medical costs for children with HIV compared with eras in which only older forms…

Feature Article

Immunizations for Internationally Adopted Children

Pediatric Annals, August 2010, Volume 39 Issue 8
From 2000 to 2009, nearly 200,000 children were adopted from outside the United States.1 Although numbers have decreased over the past few years, an…

CAPRISA 004 trial results may provide hope for anti-HIV microbicide gels

July 21, 2010
A tenofovir-based microbicide gel may have reduced the incidence of new HIV infection by nearly 40% and cut herpes incidence in half in a cohort…

Number of people with HIV on ART climbs to more than 5 million

July 20, 2010
The number of individuals with HIV who initiated antiretroviral therapy in 2009 was 1.2 million, bringing the total to 5.2 million individuals…

Data on health of adolescents with perinatal HIV-1 infection encouraging

July 6, 2010
Most adolescents with HIV-1 infection had good immunologic profiles and grew at the same rate and performed on the same level academically as…

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MCV4 appeared safe, immunogenic in adolescents with HIV

May 24, 2010
The quadrivalent meningococcal conjugate vaccine appeared safe for use and effective at preventing disease in adolescents with HIV, although…

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Improved preventive care visits needed for adolescents

April 8, 2010
Many pediatricians’ annual preventive care visits for adolescents fell short of addressing important sexual and reproductive health issues…

Guest Editorial

This Issue: Complex Care

Pediatric Annals, April 2010, Volume 39 Issue 4
This month, Pediatric Annals focuses on children with medical complexity, a heterogeneous group of patients with severe chronic medical conditions…

Dramatic decreases in hospitalizations noted among Thai children with HIV

February 24, 2010
The number of hospitalizations among Thai children with HIV decreased dramatically in the era after antiretroviral therapy was introduced…