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Expert Testimonials

Hear from expert clinicians how Healio is making an impact.

Healio fits into my routine: bite-sized education when I want it, where I want it and on any device I want. I am a greedy learner and Healio meets my needs. Parth Rali, MD Pulmonology
Today, there are so many ways to get information, but Healio puts it in perspective: What does it mean for my practice right now? Louis Dell’Italia, MD Cardiology
Working with Healio has been an absolute delight since day one. I could not have asked for better partners in this [podcast] journey. Abhishek Bhardwaj, MD Pulmonology
Healio provides a valuable source of medical news about the latest developments in research and practice. Deepak L. Bhatt, MD, MPH Cardiology
Healio curates articles of specific interest to my practice and keeps me updated on the latest literature. Jennifer A. Frontera, MD Neurology
Information overload is a challenge; Healio provides clinicians with timely, data-driven updates that change practice. C. Buddy Creech, MD Pediatrics
Healio feels like I’m ‘getting together’ with good friends and colleagues who share their expertise and help me grow as a gastroenterologist and as a person. Aline Charabaty, MD, AGAF, FACG Gastroenterology
It’s easy to fall behind with the outpouring of data since the start of the pandemic. Healio makes it so easy to feel caught-up and informed. Cassandra Calabrese, DO Rheumatology
Healio Nephrology is an outstanding resource for learning about how policy impacts the care of people with or at risk for kidney diseases. Daniel Weiner, MD Nephrology
Healio brings important literature and studies to practicing physicians, which ultimately can change practice and benefit patients by bettering treatment. Emma Guttman-Yassky, MD, PhD Dermatology
Patellofemoral Foundation and Healio have formed a strong bond in education, helping health care providers take better care of patients. John P. Fulkerson, MD Orthopedics
Thanks for giving me the unique opportunity to share my experiences in the clinical application of new technology. Jerome Sherman, OD Optometry
Healio is an enjoyable, up-to-date source for the latest research and guidelines. They put information in the context of the totality of existing medical evidence. Roger S. Blumenthal, MD Cardiology
It’s incredible how efficiently Healio publishes its features; if it is a conference update, you’re hearing it in nearly real-time from the conference. Nancy S. Reau, MD, FAASLD, AGAF Gastroenterology
Healio Dermatology is a wonderful resource for staying current and empowering physicians to practice culturally competent and socially responsible medicine.  A. Shadi Kourosh, MD, MPH Dermatology
Healio is a valuable resource for keeping up with new research, emerging therapies and technologic advances in endocrinology and diabetes.  Satish Garg, MD Endocrinology
Healio helps keep practicing clinicians informed about clinical advances and challenges in caring for patients who dialyze at home. Graham Abra, MD Nephrology
Healio provides a venue to keep clinicians updated and aware of all that is going in pulmonary medicine, and uses experts in the field to effectively communicate key issues. Michael Wechsler, MD Pulmonology
Healio focuses on facts, sorts out the controversies and identifies experts in the cardiology community to share the breakthroughs in our field. Martha Gulati, MD, MS, FACC, FAHA, FASPC Cardiology
If you’re looking for up-to-date coverage on kidney news, Healio Nephrology is a tremendous resource. Eugene Lin, MD, MS, FASN Nephrology
Healio continues to be an ongoing fixture for communication to all stakeholders to support and improve kidney care in these unusual times. Suzanne Watnick, MD Nephrology
Healio Nephrology and NNI have become daily staples in my life. You bring such value to the community; enriching, educating and engaging the lives of so many. Kerstin Leuther, PhD Nephrology



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