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Significantly higher instability, pain found with combined UCL, RCL vs. isolated UCL tears

Significantly higher instability, pain found with combined UCL, RCL vs. isolated UCL tears
March 10, 2017

Recently published results showed National Football League players with combined thumb ulnar collateral ligament and radial collateral ligament tears had significantly higher instability and pain compared with players with isolated thumb ulnar collateral ligament injuries.

Researchers included 32 NFL players with 36 thumb metacarpophalangeal collateral ligament injuries, which were confirmed by review of both physical examination findings and MRI. They obtained player demographics, surgical details and return-to-play data from the team electronic medical record and surgeons’ records.

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VIDEO: Romeo discusses treatment options for SLAP, bicep tendon lesions in athletes

February 10, 2017
LAHAINA, Hawaii —  At Orthopedics Today Hawaii 2017, Anthony A. Romeo, MD, provided treatment options for superior labral anterior to posterior (SLAP) and…
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VIDEO: Arciero discusses arthroscopic Bankart repair for shoulder instability in non-collision athletes

February 8, 2017
LAHAINA, Hawaii —  At Orthopedics Today Hawaii 2017, Robert A. Arciero, MD, discussed shoulder instability in the non-collision athlete. He said he primarily…
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New tool to determine when athletes can resume sports after concussion may be available soon

January 26, 2017
Researchers and a biotechnology company are working toward making a test more readily available for clinicians to detect the protein tau in patients with brain
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VIDEO: Examining return to play in intercollegiate contact athletes following arthroscopic stabilization for anterior shoulder instability

August 14, 2015
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Preoperative condition seen as key in return to baseline function after anterior shoulder instability

July 8, 2016
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Rather than surgical factors, data presented here indicate patient preoperative condition is the most important…

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Bracing showed mixed effects on patient outcomes following revision ACL reconstruction

July 8, 2016
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — According to a speaker here, the use of an ACL brace in patient rehabilitation following ACL reconstructing provided…

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Consider overuse injuries in female youth athlete

Orthopedics Today, July 2016
Anthony A. Romeo, MD; Rachel M. Frank, MD
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Identification of soft tissue injury in tibial plateau fractures seem as vital to treatment

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Intraoperative corticosteroid injection may increase infection risk after knee arthroscopy

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Physical therapy resolved injuries in ultra-runners

Orthopedics Today, July 2016
While lower extremity musculoskeletal injuries are common among ultra-runners, treatment through physical therapy has been shown to resolve a high…

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Researchers aim to promote injury prevention among adolescent athletes

Orthopedics Today, July 2016
During the past decade, orthopedic surgeons have seen an increase in the number of injuries occurring in adolescent athletes and a decrease in the…

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