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New Jersey Coalition for Battered Women highlights progress, future goals to end domestic violence

October 7, 2015

To kick off Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the New Jersey Coalition for Battered Women held a special press conference highlighting the progress and future goals of the coalition to address domestic violence in New Jersey.

“I am proud to announce that the coalition will now be known as the New Jersey Coalition to End Domestic Violence. We are making this change to reflect our broader goal of preventing and ultimately ending domestic violence for every victim,” Jane Shivas, executive director of New Jersey Coalition for Battered Women, said during the press conference. “Since 1978, the New Jersey Coalition for Battered Women has had the privilege to serve as a statewide association providing leadership, support and resources on the response and prevention of violence against women in New Jersey.”

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PTSD prevalence among female Vietnam veterans affected by service location

October 7, 2015
Service location significantly influenced odds for PTSD among women who served in the U.S. Armed Forces during the Vietnam War, according to study findings in JAMA
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Pediatric survivors of human trafficking may have higher risk for self-harm, suicidal behaviors

October 5, 2015
Children and adolescents receiving posttrafficking services in the Greater Melong subregion exhibited high symptom levels of depression, anxiety and PTSD, which are…
Alan L. Nager, MD, MHA In the Journals

Screening tool identified mental health issues among adolescents presenting to ED

October 2, 2015
An 11-item mental health screening tool successfully detected alcohol/drug abuse, traumatic exposure and maladaptive behavioral symptoms among adolescents and young…
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Case Discussion: 9/11, Trauma, and Personality

Psychiatric Annals, August 2011, Volume 41 Issue 8
After the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, an estimated 75,000 individuals participated in the rescue, recovery…
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Psychiatry Case Consults

The Patient with Alzheimer’s Disease

No commercial support for this activity.

Alzheimer’s Disease is an irreversible, age-related neurodegenerative disorder characterized by gradual decline. This…
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VIDEO: Physical, mental challenges of deployed female soldiers

VIDEO: Physical, mental challenges of deployed female soldiers

May 22, 2015
TORONTO — Elspeth "Cam" Ritchie, MD, MPH, a forensic psychiatrist and former chief clinical officer for the…
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Louis Appleby, MD In the Journals

Psychiatric disorders may increase risk for violent reoffending among prisoners

September 3, 2015
Data from a longitudinal study cohort of prisoners indicated an association between increased risk for violent reoffending and diagnosed psychiatric…
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Rate of psychotropic drug prescription far exceeds rate of mental illness in the UK

September 2, 2015
In the UK, individuals with intellectual disabilities and a history of challenging behavior are often prescribed psychotropic drugs, despite not…
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Obstructive sleep apnea worsens symptoms, QOL in patients with PTSD

August 28, 2015
Patients with combat-related PTSD who also had obstructive sleep apnea demonstrated worsened sleep-related symptoms and quality of life compared with…
Katie A. McLaughlin, PhD In the Journals

Strategies to regulate emotion effective among maltreated children

August 26, 2015
When given strategies to regulate emotions, adolescents who experienced maltreatment were able to modulate their emotional responses when viewing…
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Attention bias variability may be useful biomarker of PTSD

August 21, 2015
Attention bias variability may be a useful cognitive biomarker of PTSD, according to study findings in the American Journal of
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Recurrent PTSD, traumatic brain injury associated with similar weakened brain connectivity

August 17, 2015
Analysis of MRI data indicated a relationship between re-experiencing PTSD symptoms and weakened connectivity in a brain network involved in…
Filip K. Arnberg, PhD In the Journals

Tsunami exposure may have lasting effects on mental well-being of survivors

August 11, 2015
Swedish adults repatriated by a Southeast Asian tsunami in 2004 had higher risk for stress-related disorders and attempted suicide compared with…
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Childhood physical, sexual abuse associated with increased risk for developing ulcerative colitis

August 10, 2015
Adults who were physically or sexually abused during childhood had an estimated twofold increased risk for developing ulcerative colitis, according…
Scott Hadland, MD, PhD In the Journals

Attempted suicide, childhood maltreatment common among youth living, working on streets

August 6, 2015
Self-reported attempted suicide and childhood maltreatment were common among children living or working on the street in Vancouver, Canada…
Joanne Klevens, MD, PhD In the Journals

Routinely screening women for partner violence may not improve health care outcomes

August 5, 2015
Screening women for partner violence and providing a resource list did not affect hospitalizations, ED visits or outpatient visits, suggesting that…
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