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Behavior problems common among cognitively delayed children

August 13, 2014

Children with cognitive delay are more likely to have behavior problems compared with typically developing children, according to recent study findings published in Pediatrics.

Erika Rose Cheng, PhD, MPA, of Massachusetts General Hospital for Children, and colleagues evaluated a birth cohort of 8,000 children with typical development or cognitive delay (CD) between 9 and 24 months. CD was classified as typical development and ever, resolved, newly developed, and persistent CD.

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Brain connectivity differs among children with autism, sensory processing disorders

August 8, 2014
Children with sensory processing disorders have decreased structural brain connections in sensory regions different from those among children with autism, according to…
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Oxytocin linked with social skills in children with, without autism

August 8, 2014
Oxytocin’s ability to boost social function could be useful in treating some children with autism, according to recent study findings published in Proceedings of
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Adolescent depression, anxiety linked to insomnia

August 5, 2014
Depression and generalized anxiety disorder can predict insomnia, according to recent study findings published in Sleep Medicine. “People with insomnia find it…
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Family Complications in Autism Diagnosis

Psychiatric Annals, August 2012, Volume 42 Issue 8
CME Educational Objectives 1. Understand that engaging parents is an important part of treatment for autistic…
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November 2011: Treatment of Child and Adolescent Mental Health

With a shortage of pediatric mental health specialists, care for affected children increasingly falls to the primary…
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Bullying negatively affected children's long-term health

February 19, 2014
Both recurrent and current bullying were associated with negative effects on mental and physical health for school children who were surveyed for 5…
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Adolescent girls with mental illness more likely to become pregnant

February 17, 2014
Adolescent girls with mental illness are three times more likely to become parents compared with adolescents without a mental illness, according to…
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Children with cancer exhibited no increased risk for PTSD

February 6, 2014
Children with cancer were no more likely to develop posttraumatic stress disorder or posttraumatic stress symptoms than their healthy counterparts…
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Pediatric anxiety disorder remission more likely for responders to acute treatment

January 30, 2014
Remission 6 years after the acute phase of a pediatric clinical study was more common in patients who responded to treatment compared with those who…
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Temperament, personality affect quality of life in children with pediatric cancer

January 27, 2014
Patients with pediatric cancer at risk for poor quality of life during and after treatment can be identified by evaluating dispositional attributes…

NIDA releases resources for treatment of teens with substance-use disorders

January 27, 2014
As part of National Drug Facts Week, the National Institute on Drug Abuse released online treatment resources for health care professionals and…
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Survey: Only one-third of pediatric PCPs would prescribe antidepressants for severe symptoms

January 16, 2014
According to data collected in a cross-sectional survey, pediatric primary care providers seldom prescribe antidepressants to adolescents, regardless…
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Suicide attempt risk in children similar with all prescription antidepressants

January 8, 2014
William O. Cooper, MD, MPH, of Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, and colleagues examined 36,842 children aged 6 to 18 years who had…
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Chorioamnionitis exposure associated with cognitive impairment, death

January 2, 2014
Extremely preterm infants exposed to chorioamnionitis before birth are at risk for cognitive impairment, death and neurodevelopmental impairment…
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Cognitive-behavioral therapy reduced headache frequency

December 26, 2013
Cognitive-behavioral therapy resulted in greater reductions in headache frequency and migraine-related disability compared with headache education…
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