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Adolescents see improved mental health after bariatric surgery

August 3, 2015

Following bariatric surgery, most teens with severe obesity experience improved mental health; however, one in five continues to experience symptoms of depression, according to recent study findings published in Obesity.

“Most young people felt significantly better 2 years after surgery,” Kajsa Järvholm, a PhD student at Lund University in Sweden, said in a press release. “On average, they felt like most other adolescents, so their mental health had been normalized.”

Thomas Insel

NIH supports multi-year, multi-site research project on autism biomarkers

July 31, 2015
The NIH recently announced its involvement in a privately and publicly funded multi-year project to develop and improve clinical research tools for autism spectrum…
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Poverty linked to reduced brain development in children

July 29, 2015
Children from families living below the federal poverty level are at risk for reduced development of gray matter in the frontal and temporal lobes, according to recent…
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Teens medically prescribed marijuana more likely to report addiction

July 29, 2015
High school seniors using marijuana for medical reasons were 10 times more likely to report addiction to the drug than peers who obtain marijuana illegally, according to…
CME Article CME

Depression in Patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Psychiatric Annals, August 2012, Volume 42 Issue 8
CME Educational Objectives 1. Know how to accurately diagnose depression in patients with autism spectrum disorder…
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JPN May 2015

Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services May 2015 CNE Activity

This activity is co-provided by Villanova University College of Nursing and SLACK Incorporated.

Topics include therapeutic doll play, military nurses’ reintegration, and synthetic cannabinoids.
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VIDEO: Managing anxiety disorders during the transition to adulthood

VIDEO: Managing anxiety disorders during the transition to adulthood

May 21, 2015
TORONTO — John T. Walkup, MD, a professor of psychiatry at Weill Cornell Medical College and New…
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More than one-third of US youth experienced physical assault in last year

June 29, 2015
Results from the National Survey of Children’s Exposure to Violence published in JAMA Pediatrics suggest that more than one-third of children…
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Decreased brain response to reward anticipation may be a predictor of adolescent depression

June 26, 2015
Reduced brain response to reward anticipation varied across the risk spectrum for depression among adolescents, and increased risk for anhedonia, low…
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Trabecular bone scores reveal weaker bone structure in girls with anorexia nervosa

June 26, 2015
Trabecular bone score derived from DXA measurements revealed evidence of degraded bone structure in adolescent girls with anorexia nervosa…
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Weaker working memory in adolescents associated with unsafe sexual behavior

June 25, 2015
Weaker working memory in adolescents was associated with an increase in unsafe sexual behavior, according to a recent study published in Child
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FDA: Daytrana patch may cause permanent loss of skin color

June 24, 2015
The FDA has issued a warning that use of the Daytrana patch, an attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder treatment, may lead to permanent loss of…
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Cesarean section may increase risk for autism diagnosis

June 24, 2015
Children born by cesarean section are approximately 20% more likely to be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, according to data published in…
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Physicians recommend elements to look for in suspected child physical abuse evaluations

June 24, 2015
A panel of child abuse pediatricians recently convened to establish guidelines on evaluation of suspected physical abuse among children presenting…

Six of 10 adolescents discharged from substance abuse treatment completed program

June 23, 2015
Approximately 60% of adolescents discharged from substance abuse treatment in 2011 completed treatment, according to a short report from the…
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Policies to reduce youth alcohol consumption should target all ages

June 22, 2015
Alcohol policies that target all age groups are more likely to decrease the likelihood for youth alcohol consumption when compared with policies…
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Cyberbullying linked to depression in adolescents

June 22, 2015
According to analysis of existing research, there is a consistent relationship between cyberbullying and depression; however, the relationship…
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