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Top 10 psychiatry news stories in January

February 5, 2016

As the New Year begins to pick up speed, took a moment to reflect on the most popular psychiatry news stories published in January 2016.

Popular research includes potential treatment for suicidal thoughts, autism and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder risk, biomarkers of psychosis, a mindfulness-based stress reduction program for urban youth, neurobiology of borderline personality disorder and more.

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Treatment initiation high, follow-up low among adolescents with depressive symptoms

February 5, 2016
Although treatment initiation was high among adolescents with newly identified depression symptoms, follow-up care was not, according to recent findings. “Little…
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Parental depression negatively impacts children's school performance

February 3, 2016
Recent findings indicated parental depression negatively impacted school performance among offspring, particularly maternal depression among female children…
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Suicidality, aggression rates double in children taking antidepressants

January 28, 2016
Meta-analyses of clinical study reports indicated significantly higher rates of suicidality and aggression in children taking antidepressants, despite study limitations…

Risperidone Use in Children: Gynecomastia, Hyperprolactinemia, and Other Controversies

Psychiatric Annals, April 2015, Volume 45 Issue 4
The use of neuroleptics, especially risperidone, and their common side effect of hyperprolactinemia and the rare but…
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The Forgetful Patient

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Aging sometimes is characterized by gradual decline in understanding, memory, and ability to perform activities of…
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VIDEO: Pharmacologic treatment of child anxiety disorders

May 25, 2015
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Treatment nonadherence, illicit drug use may be common in ADHD patients

January 21, 2016
Recent data presented at the American Professional Society of ADHD and Related Disorders annual meeting indicated nonadherence to stimulant…
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Type 2 diabetes more common in youth exposed to antipsychotics

January 20, 2016
Cumulative risk and exposure-adjusted incidences and incidence rate ratios for type 2 diabetes were significantly higher among youth exposed to…

Use of beta2-adrenergic receptor agonist during pregnancy linked to ASD

January 20, 2016
Use of beta2-adrenergic receptor agonist, a drug used to treat asthma and used off-label to prevent premature birth, before and during pregnancy…
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Preschool poverty may affect brain connectivity, depression later in childhood

January 19, 2016
Poverty in early childhood may impact hippocampal and amygdala connectivity development, leading to negative mood symptoms later in childhood…
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Mindfulness program effective for stress, trauma in urban middle school students

January 15, 2016
An adapted mindfulness-based stress reduction program effectively reduced stress and trauma symptoms among urban middle school students, according to…

The Nervous, Worried Patient

January 15, 2016 Expires: 1/15/2017
Anxiety disorders are one of the most common psychiatric conditions in the general population. This educational activity will review the diagnosis…

Organizations team up to improve mental health support for college students of color

January 14, 2016
The JED Foundation and the Steve Fund recently announced a collaboration to establish recommended practices for colleges and universities to improve…

Overview and Management of Common Sleep Disorders in Children: A Review for Psychiatrists

Psychiatric Annals, January 2016, Volume 46 Issue 1
Sleep problems are common among children and adolescents, with up to 50% of children experiencing sleep difficulties and as many as 4% receiving a…

This issue: Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Psychiatric Annals, January 2016, Volume 46 Issue 1

Psychopharmacogenomics in Pediatric Psychiatry with a Focus on Cytochrome P450 Testing

Psychiatric Annals, January 2016, Volume 46 Issue 1
The recent advances in the field of pharmacogenetics have led to personalized medicine in pediatric psychiatry. Currently, the US Food and Drug
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