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Psychiatric Annals is America's most widely read journal for continuing education in the field of psychiatry. Each monthly issue provides a thorough, multi-authored look at a single topic in psychiatry carefully chosen by an Editorial Board composed of the leading psychiatrists in the United States. Three credit hours in Category 1 for the Physician's Recognition Award of the AMA are offered for the successful completion of a CME quiz.

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  • August 2014
  • Volume 44 · Issue 8
Table of Contents

The Human Condition and Behavioral Addictions

Jan Fawcett, MD

Case Challenge

Suicidality and Melancholia in a 17-Year-Old Girl

Efosa Airuehia, MD; Balkozar Adam, MD

Guest Editorial

This issue: Problematic Internet Use and Behavioral Addictions

Yvonne Yau, MSc; Marc Potenza, MD, PhD


Psychiatric Epidemiology, Nosology, and Treatment: Considering Internet Gambling

Howard J. Shaffer, PhD; Paige M. Shaffer, MPH


Internet Gaming Disorder

Yvonne Yau, MSc; Marc Potenza, MD, PhD


Internet Shopping from a Psychiatric Perspective

Astrid Müller, MD, PhD; James E. Mitchell, MD


Akathisia: Case Presentation and Review of Newer Treatment Agents

Karthik Sethuram, DO; Joanna Gedzior, MD