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Cognitive training improves psychological well-being in older adults

Cognitive speed of processing training improved everyday function and well-being among older adults, according to data presented at the American Psychological Association’s Annual Convention.

“The mistake some people make is thinking that all brain training is the same,” Jerri Edwards, PhD, of the University of South Florida, said in a press release. “Lumping all brain training together is like trying to determine the effectiveness of antibiotics by looking at the universe of all pills, and including sugar pills and dietary supplements in that analysis. You’ll find that some work and some do not. To then conclude that brain training does not work — or is not yet proven — is based on flawed analysis.”

Jerri Edwards, PhD

Jerri Edwards

To review efficacy of Useful Field of View (UFOV) training, a process-based computerized cognitive speed of processing training, researchers analyzed seven randomized clinical trials of UFOV training among older adults.

Compared with active control conditions, UFOV training resulted in the most significant improvements.

Analysis indicated that UFOV training improved everyday function and well-being. These effects were long-lasting, according to researchers.

“Some brain training does work, but not all of it. People should seek out training backed by multiple peer-reviewed studies. The meta-analysis of this particular speed of processing training shows it can improve how people function in their everyday lives,” Edwards concluded. – by Amanda Oldt


Edwards J, et al. Cognitive training transfers to improved everyday function. Presented at: American Psychological Association Annual Convention; August 4-7, 2016; Denver.

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