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Trauma-focused CBT effective among orphans, vulnerable children in low-, middle-income countries

July 3, 2015

Cognitive behavioral therapy that focused on trauma and stress-related symptoms was effective among orphans and vulnerable children in Lusaka, Zambia, according to a randomized clinical trial.

“There are 15.1 million youth orphaned by AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa, with numbers predicted to increase. Orphans and vulnerable children experience multiple traumatic experiences, including abuse and exploitation, premature parental death, HIV infection and stigma, poor health care, poverty, reduced social support, and abbreviated childhood and education,” study researcher Laura K. Murray, PhD, of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and colleagues wrote in JAMA Pediatrics. “Given the association of childhood trauma with skill deficits and unhealthy decision making, as well as with long-term negative health outcomes, early and effective mental health intervention is critical to the care of [orphans and vulnerable children].”

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Physician urges FDA not to lift restrictions on drug makers’ claims about their products

July 3, 2015
Drug regulations and a governing body to mandate them is a necessity for patients’ safety and health care providers’ peace-of-mind, according to a recently…
Matthew J. Smith, PhD In the Journals

Virtual training improves job interview outcomes among veterans, patients with mental illness

July 2, 2015
Virtual reality job interview training increased the likelihood of receiving a job offer among patients and veterans with severe mental illness, according to study…
Noam Sobel In the Journals

Sniff response may be a marker of autism spectrum disorder

July 2, 2015
Non-verbal tests that measure sniff response may be useful in identifying autism spectrum disorder, as recent study findings show children with autism do not adjust…
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VIDEO: Mental health needs more attention in management of diabetes

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