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Low parental health literacy limits child’s weight-loss options

July 30, 2015

Parents who struggle to understand basic health nutrition information are less likely to turn to recommended weight-loss strategies for their children, including increasing physical activity and eating more fruits and vegetables, according to research in Appetite.

In an analysis of survey data from U.S. parents of preschool-age children participating in a prospective, longitudinal panel study, researchers found that parents with low health literacy endorsed a narrower range of strategies overall and also were more likely to consider unsafe weight-loss choices, including diet pills.

New York City investigates outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease

July 30, 2015
The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene is investigating an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease in the South Bronx, according to a statement…
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Long-term ICS use in children with asthma slightly impacts annual growth velocity

July 30, 2015
Using inhaled corticosteroids for more than 12 months in children with asthma appeared to minimally reduce growth velocity and final adult height, according to study…
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Vitamin D deficiency may impact frequency of S. aureus SSTIs

July 30, 2015
Children with insufficient levels of vitamin D were more likely to present with recurrent Staphylococcus aureus skin or soft tissue infections, according to recent…
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Poverty linked to reduced brain development in children

July 29, 2015
Children from families living below the federal poverty level are at risk for reduced development of gray matter in the frontal and temporal lobes, according to recent…
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Ophthalmological Findings of Turkish Children With Muscular Dystrophies

Journal of Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus
Online Advanced Release, July 16, 2015
To present the results of ophthalmological examinations in children with muscular dystrophies and highlight the…
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Pediatric Annals April 2015

Vaccines: April 2015

Keck School of Medicine of USC and Pediatric Annals

Vaccine refusal and hesitancy to vaccinatehas been a growing problem in the past 2-3decades. Perhaps victims of our…
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New mothers preferred to receive vaccine information from pediatrician vs. obstetrician

New mothers preferred to receive vaccine information from pediatrician vs. obstetrician

May 12, 2015
SAN DIEGO — Sean O’Leary, MD, MPH, from the department of pediatrics at the University of Colorado…
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